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Pate Travel Group LLC, an affiliate of New Hope Travel, Inc., has nearly 30 years combined experience in the travel industry.  Together we service clients from coast to coast and have industry contacts all over the world.  Our goal is to take the stress out of the travel planning process and let you focus on the exciting part; the travel itself.

Jason Pate
Owner and Founder
Pate Travel Group

My passion for travel was solidified after spending six weeks backpacking through Europe in my early twenties.  Being immersed in the history and culture inherently changed my view of the world and my place in it.  I spent 12 years in corporate marketing, while continuing to pursue my passion for travel planning. During those years, I planned large scale golf trips for groups all over the country, including Kiawah Island, Whistling Straits, and Palm Springs.  I loved researching and learning about new places and courses, and continued to travel domestically and internationally as often as I could. 


I took a leap of faith and made my hobby and passion my profession going to work as a Travel Advisor.  I studied the travel planning process, learned from industry leaders, and made contacts throughout the world. Pate Travel Group was born out of my dedication to learning this industry and my passion to make travel opportunities easier for others to enjoy—making the plans they once only imagined a reality.


Travel is an investment of both your time and money, and the memories it yields are invaluable. With our experience and industry contacts, you don’t have to put that investment at risk. We partner with our clients from the beginning to find the right travel plan, and we work up every detail so our clients can make the most of the experience. Our partnership continues through our clients’ travel, and we provide support throughout every trip.  Hearing from clients returning from a journey is one of the greatest rewards in this business. Investing in travel experiences gives our clients memories that will last forever.  We look forward to helping every client make the most of this investment.

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